We need your support

Art Spin Berlin 2015
Even though all supporters and organizers at Art Spin Berlin work voluntarily, a lot of money is still needed to get the whole event going. To kick off Art Spin Berlin in 2014, we ran a successful crowd-funding campaign. In order to finance future Art Spin tours, we still need your help and support!

How do we finance Art Spin Berlin?

From the experience in 2014, where the sum of donations was low, we need to communicate clearer that there is no set fee to join and participate in Art Spin Berlin. We really rely on your financial support. This already worked a lot better on our tours in 2015 and 2016, where we raised a considerable amount of donations. We also introduced a system to “buy” tickets in advance of the ride.

We still try to involve sponsors and get public funding in order to spread the total on a few more shoulders, but this is more complicated than it sounds. If you like Art Spin Berlin, our ideals and enjoyed our tours in the last 3 years, your help is appreciated anytime. Please consider to donate a small sum to Art Spin Berlin! We are very thankful for that!

You can always send us a donation here, right via paypal! Thank you!
You rather give time than money and still want to support us?

Excellent! How starting to help us doing some voluntary work? We look for committed cyclists, passionate artists and powerful organizers, graphic designers, marketing fans and also people that understand how German regulatory systems and politics work, particularly in the fields of public spaces, road/traffic issues and cultural management.

You find yourself in one of those fields? Perfect. Please don’t wait to send us an email or drop a comment here. We are really looking forward to hear from you. Thank you so much!

Your Art Spin Berlin team