Art Spin Berlin 2015
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Art Spin Berlin 2015 – work in progress

Art Spin Berlin 2015 – Work in progress: We are currently in the midst organizing this year’s tour. After our success last year, our expectations are high to improve on the 2014 tour in several areas, while also facing new challenges that have come our way.

We have two main challenges this year:

1. Registering Art Spin Berlin with the city

We loved the spontaneous quality of last year’s tour, its independence from city authorities, emphasis on our rights as cyclists and our right to public space for artistic expression, creativity and unity. Unfortunately, we have been confronted with official legislation that opposes Art Spin Berlin’s concept.

We made the decision to work with authorities this year and to follow official procedures, so that our tour can be free of unwanted interferences (re: police last year) and also to set an official precedent for all future projects with structures and goals like ours.

Ulrike, Kevin and Till at Urbanist Magazine are doing an absolutely amazing job spearheading this. We are the first event of our kind to register with the city of Berlin. Let’s hope it works out!

2. Art Spin Berlin 2015 – lack of funding this year

We currently have no sources of funding from public institutions, and while we have a few leads with private sponsors which we hope will work out, we will be relying mainly on donations to make this year’s tour possible.

We strongly believe in compensating participating artists, funding or no funding. A tour that is accessible to everyone means a tour that does not cost money, however we trust that participants who can afford to pay for a unique experience like Art Spin Berlin. All donations go strictly into the production of the tour and supporting the artists involved.

Helpers wanted

We have a really wonderful team at Art Spin Berlin, but we can always use more creative input and helping hands ! If you would like to be a part of creating and implementing our tour, please get in touch!


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