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Looking forward to Art Spin Berlin 2018!

Dear Art Spin Berlin fans! Unfortunately, we didn’t run a tour in 2017 (read here why), which is why we are even more excited for our 2018 tour, which we are planning right now.

First and foremost: SAVE THE DATE! The next Art Spin Berlin will roll through the streets of Pankow on July 14, 2018 (from 5 pm on). For various reasons, we agreed on having the tour on a Saturday this time, as there will be no (or less) problems to join us on time for the tour.

The route is pretty much set and we are really looking forward to this tour with you. We will cycle together for just over 10 km while enjoying a warm summer evening with friends and – of course – art in public space and special locations in Pankow and Weißensee.

This year we have a grant from Pankow’s Department of Arts and Culture, which helps to financially support our artists and their projects, but we still need your support through donation based pre-sale and on-site tickets.

Keep your fingers crossed we get the permits for our route and projects – that will put the greatest obstacle for a successful tour behind us.

We’re hopeful that the weather will be on our side and of course we’re looking forward to you being back for the Art Spin Berlin 2018 ride.

Until then,
ride safe!

The Art Spin Berlin team

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